There Is A Better Way

I started JTS Tax & Financial to provide a better, more personalized tax and financial resource to the Eastside LA community, and clients nationwide. Driving back and forth across town with paper files to get your taxes done is now a thing of the past.  When you work with me, you can electronically review your tax return in the privacy of your home or office instead of a busy tax office, sign securely from any computer or mobile device, pay online, and be done with it! You can even choose to receive your tax return in pdf format to save paper if you prefer, so you really never have to leave your house to do your taxes again (unless, of course, you want to).


Embracing this available technology frees me up to work with you on an in-depth level to determine the best strategies for your unique needs, then leverage my expertise to give you the best possible results.


I am your trusted partner working with you every step of the way. I offer a full range of professional tax services and give you the individual attention that you deserve.  I am also available year-round to answer your questions or assist you in tax planning.


Enjoy the freedom of knowing that your taxes are expertly being prepared for you.  All you have to do is provide me with your documents, answer a few questions, and I’ll take it from there.